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This is a gas operated and semi-automatic version produced and offered in limited quantities for the civilian market. (Colorado Springs) VALMET M78 5.56 - extra Cover & Scope - 4Mag kits - Wood Stock - Bipod $3995. / M78 .308 - Wood Stocks - Bipod - carry handle $4995. FIRM / New in Factory soft case & box Ruger SR556 PISTON Driven - flip ups - manual warranty $1495. Tony also converted East German .223 AK mags to work in a Valmet. I have a couple; they work quite well.

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This is a Valmet M78. This gun is in good condition and comes as shown. * Form 3 Efile! * 7.62 * Excellent investment * This is a Fleming Conversion done on a Finish Valmet M78 *1 Magazine * 3 Day inspection period According to the ATF paper work Fleming is the maker for this Machine Gun. The RK 62 76, also known as the Valmet M76 is a gas operated assault rifle of Finnish origin, which was also made in semi-automatic version for civilian market. It is a modified AK-47 based on the Rk 62 (Rynnäkkökivääri 62, Assault rifle 62) design.

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It is unlikely that a light machine gun would have been used as a sniper weapon. Later, Valmet produced the M76F which was an M76 that had a side folding version of the original M62 buttstock. Valmet later merged into SAKO (in the late 1980s), and the some of their designs are currently being manufactured.

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Overall very good condition. The Finnish Valmet M78 light machine gun has the standard clubfoot RPK-style buttstock and either a wooden or black synthetic forearm, and sometimes is used to stand in for the RPK in some films.It has been chambered in 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington), 7.62x39mm, and 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester). See also Valmet M76..

Valmet m78

Thank you enormously much for downloading valmet 305 manual. of my video series on the , Valmet , m76 (technically/legally a m78) Folder Semi Auto rifle. Skördare Valmet 911.3 Valmet Hudiksvall. Antal bud: 1 st. Ikon för kvarvarande tid för budgivning 5 dagar 17 tim. 100 kr.
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Unfortunately for  Dec 19, 2010 I went to a gunshow this weekend in Washington State this weekend and purchased a valmet m78 in 308 for $1775 via private sale. Nov 30, 2009 I need some input on the current value of a W German HK 91 rifle w/ A2 stock and bi-pod as well as a Valmet M78 (.308) rifle s/n 388xxx. Jul 8, 1989 Galil, Type 56, Type 56S, Valmet M76, Valmet M78, M76 counter sniper, FAL, L1A1A, SAR 48. AUG, FNC, Uzi carbine, Algimec AGMI, AR180,  M71 model, the Valmet 7,62x53R sniper rifle prototype which resulted in the Valmet Petra/Hunter hunting rifle models, the Valmet M78 LMG  Apr 22, 2016 Never miss a post from gun-gallery. Make gifs, join group chats, find your community.

100 kr. Skördare EcoLog  Åtelkamera helt ny. 700 kr. SAKO M78 22lr. Uppsala. 26 jan. 11:07.
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308 Winchester   valmet m78/83s =valmet m78/76 clone. The Valmet M78 which was also made in a semi-automatic version for the civilian market, is based on the earlier Rk 62 (Rynnäkkökivääri 62, Assault rifle 62). Can I convert M-14 Mags to fit my guns? Thank You in advance for your reply. Chefgun, Valmet M78 .308 Milled Valmet M76 .308 Yugoslavian M-77 preban  type 84S type Valmet M76 type ARM type Valmet M78 type 84S1 type M76 counter-sniper type 84S3 type FAL type HK91 type L1A1A type HK93 type SAR 48  Jan 7, 2019 Valmet M78 needs a new barrel I think. To start, this is an 86 gun converted to 7.62x39 from 308, and converted to auto by Hard Times Armory.

AK47 style 7.62 x 51. Finland made. Pre 1989 ban. Comes with one one 5 round magazine. Barrel is 16 inches long. Muzzle flash suppresor with bayonet lug adds 3 more inches. Overall very good condition.
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3 Removable QD scope mount. 4 bottom of mount. 5 M78 7.62 NATO mag, Valmet factory remanufactured G3 magazine for the M78. 6 Valmet, North America supports the pulp, paper and energy industries with 1,334 employees and a network of 18 service, production and sales units across the US, Canada and Mexico. 86 million tons of paper, board, tissue and pulp is produced by Valmet machines per year. This represents 70% of the North American production.

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4. Zastava M76. Zastavan liknar Valmet M78 för övrigt.  HAGELGEVÄR, finskt, Enkelskott, fabrikat Valmet, Enkelskott, fabrikat Valmet, modell 412, kaliber 12/70-222R, M78, kaliber .22LR, 715815. Valmet 360 aggregat i fullt körbart skick =Valmet%20360%20aggregat%20i%20fullt%20k%C3%B6rbart%20ski. Väderstad M78 17-pinnars Kultivator. 23-460-M78. Monteringssats M78. 420.